We are surrounded by beauty that goes unnoticed all the time. Its when you stop for a moment and look - really look that you see it. Photography allows you to capture this beauty and treasure it forever.

Photography is a passion. It's consuming in a positive, joyful way.

It's when I'm close to nature and outdoors that I feel my best. It's truly food for the soul. I believe we all feel better after being close to water or mountains. We are drawn to it like a magnet. When we need to destress where do we turn to? Nature - the sea, the lakes, the mountains. Mother Nature refreshes us like nothing else can. It breaks my heart to see the destruction going on at the moment of our natural resources, our wildlife, our home. We need nature as much as she needs us.

I'm blessed to live in South Africa where the sun shines every day, the beaches and landscapes are stunning and the wildlife mesmerising.

Thank you for visiting my photography page and I hope some of my photo's brought you joy today.

"The reward of art in not fame or success, but intoxication" - Cyril Connolly

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